Everyone’s needs are unique. That’s why we offer ways to customize our ProVia windows to be perfect for each application. Below is a list of features.

Sunshield Vinyl®

Vinyl that stands up to the elements Sunshield Vinyl is warrantied against warping, chipping and cracking, keeping our windows looking good for years to come.

Sunshield Vinyl


ComforTech™ Glass

Measurably improve thermal performance with our ComforTech Warm Edge Glazing System. Every ComfortTech glass package features a NO-METAL spacer between the panes of glass and gas filled cavities that provide you with highly energy efficient glass and a warmer glass edge.

BetterVue™ Screen

BetterVue™ Fiberglass Mesh is standard on all of our ProVia windows.


BetterView Screen

Deluxe Vent Locks

Deluxe Double Vent Lock

Looks like a conventional vent latch, but performs as a lock. It securely withstands impact by incorporating a tough polycarbonate tongue-and-groove design.

Compound Tension Balance

Our Compound Tension Balance System ushers in a new generation of block and tackle balances, making our windows exceptionally easy to use.


Compound Tension Balance

Window Frame Depth

Window Frame Depth

Deep frame depth gives our windows a distinctive, high-class appearance.