ProVia is one of the most evaluated manufacturers in the industry. Our manufactured stone and methods have been tested using the toughest criteria in the industry, the AC-51. These tests were completed in accordance with IAPMO. Less than 10% of stone veneer manufacturers have this 3rd party endorsement that ensures code compliance.


From richly textured surfaces to artistically infused colors including ochers, umbers, plums and russets - ProVia's manufactured stone collections add warmth and beauty to any home.

Hand Applied Finishes

Shadows and Colors

Deep Undercuts

Capturing drama through shadows created by deep undercuts is a technique that produces stone collections of lasting beauty and realism.

Quality Installation

The importance of proper installation
Ensuring proper installation of your exterior stone siding is the most important step in creating a long-lasting, and beautiful look.

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Hand Applied Finishes

Shadows and Colors

Shadows and Colors

Our stones are meticulously crafted from richly textured natural surfaces and are artistically infused with colors so rich you'll have to turn them over to see that it's manufactured stone.

Available in many natural colors and tones, we make it easy to mix and match color and style for a look that's perfect for your exterior or interior stone applications.

Hand-crafted molds

The natural look
All of ProVia Stone’s molds are hand-crafted from actual stone. Then, they are fitted together to create a non-repeating pattern. Unlike other manufactured stone brands on the market today, our ProVia Stone collections do not repeat a stone shape or exact color within 1,000 stones!

Deep shadows, rich texture
ProVia Stone molds feature deep undercuts to capture the depth and detail of natural stone. We also replace our molds regularly, ensuring that the fine detail and texture of natural stone is not lost after repeated mold use.


Lifetime Limited Warranty

ProVia Stone carries a Lifetime Limited Warranty against faulty manufacturing process or defective materials as follows:

The installation must be in compliance with the applicable specifications and requirements and the stone subjected only to normal exposure and use. ProVia Stone guarantees its products against cracking, chipping, flaking, unsightly discoloration, or any other serious deterioration. Warranty coverage is limited to replacement or repair of defective materials only and does not cover labor to remove or replace materials. Warranty coverage is limited to the original purchaser. The manufacturer will not be liable for any damage or defects due to misuse, building movement, installation, acts of God, fire, or any other cause beyond the manufacturer’s control.

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