ProVia Doors Provide ‘Curb Appeal Plus’

ProVia Doors Provide ‘Curb Appeal Plus’ at Nye Park Apartments

Nye ParkFrank McKenna was frustrated with his doors. The owner of Nye Park Apartments in Painesville, Ohio, wanted to replace the front doors at his 66-unit complex. The situation was complicated by the fact that the front doors were encased in cement, which is typical of precast 1970s structures like his.

After striking out with a half-dozen or so door manufacturers who couldn’t provide an acceptable solution, McKenna posed a question to his contact at one of the manufacturers he had consulted. “Who’s your best competition? Who would give you a run for your money?” he asked. It took a while, but McKenna persisted and got his answer -- ProVia.

“Nearly Impossible” Solved
McKenna wasted no time calling ProVia. “This was a problem waiting to be solved,” McKenna explains, “and no other company offered the solution that ProVia did.”

McKenna’s buildings were precast structures built by setting the steel door frames in place and then pouring concrete around them to form the walls in an effort to create low-cost, low-maintenance buildings. But fixing or replacing the doors was nearly impossible since the door frames are essentially part of the structure.

“They are a mess to repair,” McKenna admits. “I would have to beg someone to come out, hammer the door out and get a new frame. I was never satisfied with the way the repairs looked.”

A traditional replacement option would have been to install a standard replacement steel frame inside the existing door openings, but that would have reduced the size of the front entryway and cause problems when tenants moved large furniture in or out. 

“This was a problem waiting to be solved, and no other company offered the solution that ProVia did.”
Frank McKenna, Nye Park Apartments

Non-Standard? No Problem
A tour of ProVia’s state-of-the-art facility – from initial assembly to the painting process –impressed McKenna with the company’s capabilities. Then ProVia’s Ross Yoder, project manager, and Conrad Mast, field service technician, visited the Nye Park apartment complex to assess the situation. They developed a creative solution that took advantage of ProVia’s custom capabilities: Cut the steel stops off the old door frame and install a new 006 – (6-Panel) 20-Gauge Smooth Steel FrameRedi-Flex Steel Frame (pre-hung) over top of the old frame. The result would be a non-standard door slab size, but that wouldn’t be an issue since ProVia can make any size doors on the eighth-inch. 

ProVia presented this solution to McKenna and, to prove it would work, offered to retrofit one unit gratis. McKenna was so pleased with the results that he ordered entry doors and model #399 ¾-Lite Self Storing Deluxe storm doors for all 66 apartments. Initially McKenna ordered only 63 doors because he thought he could salvage a few old ones, but after seeing the new ProVia doors installed he decided to replace them all.

ProVia dealer Hartville Hardware provided support throughout the project. Bill Melvin headed up the effort, which involved placing the order, inventorying the doors, and releasing them to McKenna’s designated installer in batches of 10 as the work progressed. 

McKenna hired a local contractor whose three-person team installed two doors per day, half the time repairs alone would have taken in the past. (McKenna points out that without the bull nose thresholds on the doors, the door installation time would have been even quicker.) And the cost, including labor for an installed storm and entry door, was less than previous repairs.

“The tenants couldn’t be happier. The doors provide curb appeal-plus.”
Frank McKenna, Nye Park Apartments

Curb Appeal Plus
“I like the fact that the doors were factory-assembled, precision-made and airtight,” McKenna says. “The quality of the 20-gauge 6-panel doors is excellent. ProVia did it the right way. With their solution I lost only one inch on the doors, which allowed them to remain within code and commercial standards. With a traditional overlay I would have lost more.”

How do the tenants feel about the new doors? “They love them,” McKenna reports. “The tenants couldn’t be happier. The doors provide curb appeal-plus. Tenants tell me they make the apartments feel like home.”

The Professional Way in Action
Yoder attributes much of the success of this project to the good communication that was established between himself, McKenna and Melvin at Hartville Hardware. “People still buy from people,” Yoder says. “Relationships are very important. At ProVia we run the business by caring for the details in ways others won’t. Frank McKenna told us he’s satisfied with our products and our service, not just one or the other. That’s the way we like it.”

“Everything about ProVia is professional, thorough and personal.”
Frank McKenna, Nye Park Apartments

“Ross Yoder could not have been more responsive,” McKenna says. “He was knowledgeable and always got back to me if I had any questions or concerns. Everything about ProVia is professional, thorough and personal. A project like this with so many unknowns demanded the kind of attention that ProVia provides with its in-house expertise and flexibility.

“ProVia stands behind their product, which says a lot, and their pricing is fair,” McKenna adds. “I would recommend ProVia’s products and processes to anyone.” In fact McKenna has contacted a precast concrete company in Painesville because he says “I know they have a ton of customers with precast apartments who can use these doors. In my opinion, for situations like ours there is no better solution than ProVia’s.”