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Speakeasy, Hinge Straps, Clavos

Speak Easy, Hinge Straps, Clavos
Faux Speakeasy also available.

The Speakeasy, Hinge Straps and Clavos are new options that can give your entryway an old world look. Combine these new options with our new Signet Knotty Alder Series to achieve a rustic or antique style. Speakeasy, Hinge Straps and Clavos are constructed of durable flat black aluminum.


Available on all door styles shown below except for 8' 002C-437 and 8' 002CP-437
NOT tested for Impact Shield regions. (Doors with Speakeasy are not ENERGY STAR® certified.) ProVia does not recommend entry doors with Speakeasy applications in the Northern climate zone. We also recognize some of the North-Central climate zone areas are not suitable for this application as well. We recommend this application to be used only in the South-Central and Southern climate zones. Speakeasy applications carry a 5-year limited warranty. See price book for more details.


Faux Speakeasy

Enjoy the decorative look of a speakeasy without impeding the energy efficiency of the entry door. Available on all door styles shown below. Faux Speakeasy

Faux Speakeasy

Hinge Straps

Available on all door styles shown below
Impact Shield Available as an Impact Shield product.

Hinge Straps


Available only on door styles shown below with planks (002CP-449, 002CP-437, 8' 002CP-449 and 8' 002CP-437)

Clavos Impact ShieldAvailable as an Impact Shield product.

Signet Fiberglass Door Styles

Signet Fiberglass Door Styles

8' Signet Fiberglass Door Styles

8' Signet Fiberglass Door Styles

Signet Cherry Signet Cherry Series
Sign Knotty Alder Signet Knotty Alder Series
Signet Smooth Series Signet Smooth Series


Freedom Pet Door (NOT available in Certified Wind Load or Impact Shield regions)

Freedom Pet Door

Factory Installed - Available on Flush Doors Only

  • Solid aluminum construction with locking panel
  • Soft single flap for tight weather seal
  • Available on the following styles: 001, 430DC-F, 430VNT-F, 430DC-EG-F, 430DC-IGT-F, 100DC, 101DC, 131DC & 306DC
  • Also available on storm doors

8 1⁄8" x 11 3⁄4" opening for pets up to 40 lbs.

10 1⁄8" x 15 3⁄4" opening for pets up to 100 lbs.

13 5⁄8" x 23" opening for pets up to 220 lbs.




Put the finishing touch on the inside of your entryway with our beautiful interior casing. Available in Cherry, Mahogany, Oak or Poplar wood.

Casing Sizes

Available for any door configuration including transoms.

Stains are available on Cherry, Mahogany or Oak casing and Heritage stains are available on Oak or Poplar casing.

Paint finishes are available on Oak or Poplar casing.


Aluminum Pre-fit Cladding

Aluminum Pre-fit Cladding

Aluminum Pre-fit Cladding is worth the small investment. You can add pre-fit cladding to any Full Wood or PermaTech Composite Frame.

  • Protective
  • Maintenance-free
  • Stays beautiful
  • Factory applied
  • Available in all our featured paint colors and two coordinating stain colors.

Textured Cladding Colors

Cladding Colors

TUFTEX Smooth Cladding Colors

Aluminum trim coil with mar-resistant smooth finish.
Cladding Colors


◊ Smooth Sandstone cladding is a close match, but not an exact match to Sandstone paint color.
* Smooth Classic Bronze cladding does not match Rustic Bronze cladding color or Rustic Bronze paint color.




Shrinking and swelling occur from changes in relative humidity in the atmosphere. Water wicks up through wood fibers resulting in paint peeling, rot and mold. Traditional door frames begin to rot within 3-6 months of field installation.

Swelling Rotting Graphic

Our finger-jointed composite bottom never absorbs water, warps, cracks or rots, and paints and finishes just like wood. Plus, FrameSaver is backed by the industry's only fully-transferable lifetime limited warranty for ultimate peace of mind.





Introducing the new FusionFrame: A one-of-a-kind alternative to composite or wood jambs, utilizing the strength of an LVL interior, the rot-proof performance of a FrameSaver® bottom, and the durability of a composite frame exterior. Offering a lifetime jamb warranty*.



Available as a textured or smooth frame, providing you with the benefit of a prefinished, maintenance-free system, along with the beauty of a stain or paint finish that matches your entry door.

*Finish warranty will match the finish warranty of door series. Not available in transoms or for outswing doors. See Price List pg 29 for complete limitations and restrictions